Based upon Internet real-time conference platform of SaaS mode, 263 Web conference relies
on IT to transmit audio,video, data, text, etc in real-time, which makes great breakthrough for
solving problems of limit on time and space, brings about face to face communication vividly.
A wide range of miscellaneous functions, such as electronic whiteboard, documents sync,
program desktop sharing, text information, etc can be provided by function of data sharing,
which can satisfy requirements such as remote video conference, material sharing, remote
recruitment, synergy work, remote training, etc.


Muliti-platform supported

Sync support for windows PC、iPad、iPhone、Android can be available by using of Web conference 3.0, users can choose any mode to attend conference at anytime, anywhere.



HD video experiences

Any video of participants can be on live during conference, and sync to any other participants. High definition can be available, to get more smooth conference, participants can switch to different definition freely by different conditions.



Integration of audio

Seamless integration and free switch on PSTN and VoIP help participants choose or switch conference mode whichever they like, attend conferences without needs of keeping waiting aside.



Documents synergy overview

Participants can check documents and real-time marks at multi-terminal while host shares one or more during the conference, its format includes word, PPT, PDF, TXT, KPEG, BMP, etc.



Play media files

When the host starts one video or audio and plays, all of participants can get it at the same time. Functions of start, pause, stop, speed, etc can be controlled by the host, and synergy check by all of participants can be available.



Desktop sharing

All the participants could see the shared content synchronously once the chairperson select to share the entire desktop. This will be very helpful for all kinds of real-time presenting and training scenarios.



Desktop sharing


Program sharing


Documents sharing


Multi-video and audio

Attending conference by phone call

On-line playback

Conference invitation

Conference video

Choose the right one

  • Data conference

    Dynamic conference password supported
    263EM supported
    Documents & pictures sharing supported
    50 users for one single conference supported

  • Web conference

    4 video display supported
    VOIP/PSTN integrated
    100 users for one single conference room supported
    White board, documents sharing, desktop sharing, program sharing, multi-media sharing and words sharing supported.


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