Solutions for Private cloud


Fast deploy

One step taken for deploy when packing software and users’ environment to sync disk, : install on sync disk, and configure its parameter, one-stop service for private cloud of sync disk can be available.

High privacy

Improvement for security system of sync disk, complete protection for infrastructure, encryption transmission, saving and control for visit, which is the same level to bank business.

Customized design

Private cloud services can be provided for inside members, branches or outside suppliers, customers, etc, by using of binding self domain. Convenient sync disk services can be available by original IT account, and high effective collaboration among all members, customers and suppliers can be achieved.

Files auditing and logging tracking

Monitor visit on server from both inside and outside, and provide centralized storage management, by using of capture and analysis on server in real-time. All functions above can help free of violation on rules or law, avoid disclosing on sensitive data. According to audit behaviors, system troubles can be investigated rapidly.

Self-define quantity and space of server

Configuration of server quantity can be decided by enterprise. Due to detailed requirements, different space can be deployed for different users.

Successful cases

Speed transmission for giant files

Requirements: Dongfeng Honda Marketing Depart. is required to send files to every 4S store frequently. Confronting with problems, such as giant files of more than 1G, IM repetitive delivery to different people, low-speed and easy to damage or missing when delivering USB flash drive or CD. Any options for effective solutions?

Solutions: Dongfeng Honda Marketing Depart. can allocate sub-account for each 4S store by using of 263Drive. Groups are set by different projects. 263Drive will transfer new files to every store automatically, as long as files are undated, saved by HQ, by which can improve delivery greatly.

No limit for size of single file: outer link is produced once files of more than 1G uploaded, and delivered to different customers at one time. Breakpoint resume: breakpoint resume is supported when uploading, no need for all the way work for that. Speed transmission: due to high-performance of web speeding-up software, file transmission can be even faster than before.

Concentrated management for mass data

Requirements: Semir controls 300 branch stores in China, thus, urgent requirements on summarizing on files from all over China rapidly, by which can help boss have a picture on business data and staffs information. Any options for effective solutions?

Solutions: Semir sets files management system by using 263Drive to build central files base. Documents and statements of each store can be summarized automatically, to reduce labor cost.

Multi-level, and well-organized summary: set accounts and accesses for stores, by organizational structure. Well-organized summary and centralized saving can be available by documents sharing.

Multi-dimensional and separate workplace: according to dimensional differences of business, projects, activities, etc, separate workplace can be set up freely, by which can help sparse files summarize automatically when using 263Drive.

8 setting modes for visit access: due to different security-level documents, different visit accesses are set based upon departments and its members, which can be flexible and secure.

Logging track: administrator can check whenever sub-administrators log and operate, by using of logging, which can help documents free of abuse.

Speed transmission of giant documents

Requirements: one of core business of China Architecture Design & Research Group (CAG) is to undertake large architectural decoration projects, e.g. there has to be 15 architects design one project in different places, and frequent communication among owners is also needed. Any options for effective solutions?

Solutions: CAG sets collaboration teams of project portfolio in 263Drive, helps designed solutions after revising and checking sync to members automatically. Preview of 263Drive makes it easier for users to check on the designed solutions, improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent management for history edition: more files editions can be produced and saved automatically when one document is revised by multi-user. Besides, all editions can be previewed and downloaded at any time. Inter-working function: inter-working services, such as comments, tasks, auditing on 263Drive files, etc, can help document-centric communication more direct and effective. Notification messages: updated information of team files can be available, by using of system, mobile terminals, mail, SMS, etc. On-line preview on Pro-formats, such as PAD\AI\DWG, etc. Files and designs can be checked by customers conveniently, without needs of concerning on system environment at user’s end.

Conveniences for mobile business

Requirements: engineering brigade of China National South Sea Engineering Co., Ltd needs to go to work on site frequently. Then how to make supervisors audit files and help employees execute more efficiently?

Solutions: once mobile client of 263Drive is adopted, report to HQ timely can be available when taking with drawings and folders.

Automatic sync to all terminal files: handle with work by using of mobile phone, Pad, at any time, anywhere. On-line documents sharing, when taking with organizational information achieve, product library, knowledge on site, HQ can see full picture on site and monitor projects once uploading in real-time.

Design material library

LKK has been engaged in providing product, structure, UI, and brand designs for well-known brands and SME of both domestic and overseas.

Unified platform of sharing and collaboration for design resources is set by 263Drive, by which can help collaborate and complete design solutions rapidly, boost architects’ morale more effectively. HQ-centric and countrywide financial system and design resources are set up. The strategic goal of forming informatization from basic files management to knowledge base management can be finally realized to strengthen core business of LKK.

Concentrated project files center

As one of global leading accounting firms, PwC ultimately helps create values for all kinds of organizations and individuals. One close network formed by all member institutes covers 157 countries and regions, more than 184,000 staffs are denoted to providing high-quality services in fields of auditing, taxing, and consulting. Please be free to contact us if any information or inquiry needed.

A large sum of documents can be produced by each project. Therefore, valuable knowledge and experiences can be provided for potential projects, as long as project documents can be summarized by 263Drive, and set up the project knowledge resources. The sharing function for company files of 263Drive can deliver notice files to all staffs easily, thus improve efficiency.

Center documents library

TMEIC is one of global leading providers for industrial electrical equipment and automation system design, engineering, manufacture and R&D.

By setting up of Center documents library, TMEIC achieves systematization for company files management, standardization, process, normalization and security for product sales documents, gradually, the valuable company knowledge resources can be accumulated as time goes by.

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